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Abstract Softweb is a leading YII application development company offering expert IT professionals for developing your next website or application in YII web application framework. For over several years, Abstract Softweb has delivered many YII applications for different businesses and industries.

Abstract Softweb adept team of YII developers is proficient in designing customized solutions that are scalable and easy to maintain. We believe that by deployment of cutting edge solutions, our team has potential to change current web application scenario. Each YII PHP solution designed by Abstract softweb speaks for itself.


YII is a perfect choice for projects of any size with optimum performance, security, scalability and quality. YII web application framework enables building web applications and provides numerous plus points to the developers, likewise:
• YII is an MVC (model view controller) framework
• Fast application development framework as it is based on DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) design pattern
• Quick to build and easy to maintain
• Unit and functional testing based on PHP Unit and Selenium
• Works well with third-party code
• Best for high-end large scale websites
• Easy data access by Database Access Object (DAO)
• Free software, released under the terms of the BSD license
• Documentation can be copied, modified, and redistributed
• Automatic code generation
• Layered caching scheme
• AJAX-enabled widgets


YII has the extreme performance compared to other frame works. The YII team have generated a statistics for the performance of different frame works based on “request per second” which describes how many requests an application written in a framework can process per second. From the graph given below the RPS is for “request per second”. The higher number shows the higher performance level of the frame work. The performance is significantly high when we enable the PHP extension APC.

Security measures like Cross-site Scripting Prevention, Cross-site Request Forgery Prevention and Cookie Attack Prevention are enabled. Also YII includes client side and server side validation. We can just enable or disable the validation rule. It is not required to write separate validation rule for the inputs like other frameworks. YII has built-in authentication support. It also supports authorization via hierarchical role-based access control.

YII provides various cache components to store cached data in different media. While comparing to other frame works YII has an excellent caching system. YII supports memcache, APC, XCache and DB based page and segment caching.

YII is also designed to work with third party codes. You can use code from PEAR or Zend Framework in your YII application.

It is very easy to edit or customize the YII based applications, since it has a very simple code structure. You can also use different kinds of extensions and widgets as per the requirements.


Abstract Softweb has experience of working in diverse business environments. Dedicated and expert YII developers from Abstract adhere to stringent quality standards and render robust and reliable YII application development. Dedicated YII developers & programmers can be hired on full time or hourly basis.

With years of experience, Abstract Softweb provides flexible engagement models with competitive pricing and on-time delivery. We ensure seamless communication across all time zones and are up for assistance 24/7. For any type of query, feel free to contact us.

Web Development Services by Abstract Softweb

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  • Dynamic Portals and Websites Dynamic Portals and Websites
  • CMS Customization CMS Customization
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  • Custom Php Application Development Custom Php Application Development
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