Phalcon Development Services For Developing A Comprehensive Business Application An open source framework, Phalcon is a high performance PHP web framework that is based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. It is highly recognized as a set of resources that helps in building and managing web applications and services. Being more efficient compared to other frameworks, Phalcon technology results in the development of robust, feature-rich and easy to use applications.

We make sure that we can offer advanced and efficient services to our clients with Phalcon for web application development across the globe. Our team is always ready to take new challenges as our spontaneous Phalcon developers guarantee you with highly productive web apps having a bundle of advanced features.


Phalcon is an open source PHP framework which makes developing with PHP easier and more efficient by combining the speed and performance of C with the unique development features of the MVC architecture. Phalcon is installed as a PHP module so you don’t have to download an archive like you do with other frameworks, and building projects is made easier with its controllers and models. The Phalcon Query Language (PHQL) makes this tool even more expressive and clean. Its reputation as the most downloaded PHP tool is definitely justified by its rich offerings.


PHP has N number of frameworks, and Phalcon takes a little advantage over every other framework like Laravel as it is C-compiler based PHP framework. Here are some of the main benefit of using this modern and robust framework. C-extensions are loaded together as a one time process on the web server, Any applications can use the ready-to-use extensions that are provided by the classes and functions. Phalcon has a compiled code, and there is no interpretation. It provides lower overhead for the model-view controller (MVC) based applications. The speed is way better that any other available framework. For example, Phalcon supplies more that double of CodeIgniter‘s request.


With an expert team of PHALCON Developers, Abstract Softweb always ready to develop faster solutions through their PHALCON expertise. From the day of foundation, Abstract Softweb works in the PHP industry and ensure their clients about result-oriented solutions.

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